Winter is coming...
Designers: Maria Petrova and Elena Andronova

Winter design concept for the O2 Lounge terrace
The Ritz-Carlton hotel, Moscow
Instagram, you make the world go round
Main aim of the project is to make something outstanding on the winter terrace
Design concept moodboard,
fancy forest right in the front of the Red Square
Let's have a look at the floor plan. The main idea is to create an entertainment while not to close the Kremlin view, so all the interesting zones are situated on the left/right sides.
Маркетинговый анализ аптеки ригла
Good example, an experience we could use:
It also makes for the ultimate selfie. One click and there you are, floating in the universe, or rather, multiple yous, replicated over and over.
Over the last few years, a number of immersive exhibitions have drawn huge crowds, in large part thanks to their social-media potential.
In November 2015, after two years closed for extensive renovations, the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery marked its reopening with an immersive exhibition called "Wonder."

Exhibitions like "Wonder"—which drew more visitors in six weeks than the Renwick had previously hosted in one year—are on the rise, as institutions seek to capitalize on the promotional power of social media.

At the newly opened Broad Museum in Los Angeles, visitors with pre-timed tickets can spend 45 seconds alone in Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrored Room," a mirror-lined space filled with an array of twinkling LED lights.

The installation elicits feelings of serenity and intimacy with the universe—and, according to The New York Times, "makes for the ultimate selfie." #infinityroom

Exhibitions like "Wonder"—which drew more visitors in six weeks than the Renwick had previously hosted in one year—are on the rise, as institutions seek to capitalize on the promotional power of social media.
Meanwhile, throughout the museum's galleries, hundreds of guests pose for pictures, snap selfies, and stare at their phones, meticulously choosing filters to best highlight the vibrant colors and textures of the art before them.
KATHARINE SCHWAB, journalist of the Atlantic
Here you can see the exibition "Wonder"
Our main goal is to promote the O2 Lounge terrace through the power of social media and interior design.
We advise to make an outstanding winter installation, so that visitors do tons of selfies to post on social medias.
How about we put on the terrace winter igloo? There will be no problem with the snow and ice – we can use synthetic snow and confetti.
These igloos can be used like restaurant and have seating places inside.
Right foto – 230 FIFTH ROOFTOP IGLOO BAR (link)
Igloo could be filled with colorful LED (the color can changed according to a party mood).
It is also suitable to make a DJ place inside for a night parties.
Or they could be made like a baloon with fan and synthetic snow. Inside this baloon right in front of a person there should be an automatic camera, taking fotos. #29rooms (click on a hashtag to see an example)
Big igloo-baloon filled with synthetic snow. Also can be used with fan.
Igloo can be done also with the help of plexiglass
Mirrors always attract people, especially when it is placed all over the space and bring the 3D effect. In addition to mirrors, we advise to use New Year themed decor.
The main idea is to make "mirror zone" where mirrors are everywhere – on the floor, walls and ceiling. With LEDs, snow and good light for photos it'll create an ultimate selfie place.
As an inspiration we could use Wonder exhibition.
On the top of the terrace a kinematic sculpture could be placed. Our idea is to create sliver sculpture that will move on wind and will like like an iced cloud.

A dazzling, wind-driven sculpture takes over L.A.'s Pershing Square
An example in Saint Petersburg link
An example in Los Angeles Poetics Kinetics
Led installation
LED installations always look beautiful, especially during the New Year time. It helps to create a New Year fairytale mood.
new year
And ofcourse christmas trees, presents and snow
There can be some kind of photostudio where your guests can get professional photo for the drink they bought.

And the serving of the food should be memorizing and should motivate people to make fotos and put them into Instagram.

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