The Ritz-Carlton Moscow
Rooftop. Sails. Gin.

Design of O2 Lounge summer veranda at The Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel
for The Botanist brand
Where: The Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel, Tverskaya str. 3
What: O2 Lounge veranda on the hotel rooftop
Space: 330 m²
Interior design: Elena Andronova & Maria Petrova
Landscaping: Art project «Klukva»
Sponsor: The Botanist Gin brand
Goal: to share the brand feeling
Budget: under the agreement
Wish to escape the city fuss? Go on a trip over Moscow under sails of О2 Lounge with a glass of cool The Botanist gin.
An open veranda drowning in the green with a panoramic view creates a resort feeling in the very center of the capital. Go
on a summer trip without leaving the city.
Designing the veranda in The Botanist style, a gin with a unique composition of 22 herbs, we were inspired by the details of the brand image. These are red and white tones, naturalness, freshness, field herbs, a breeze and the sun. We decided to add something that the city lacks – the green in the metropolis. So we got the concept of the veranda – a roof garden under white sails. The White Sails 22 Project... We wanted guests to feel themselves like on the ship deck, which floats above the city, over the bothered Moscow traffic and the fuss...
To work with a brand is an interesting and clear task. The space should be soaked in the brand, while not creating an atmosphere of imposed advertising.

Therefore, in the interior we used an image of the product, just adding some details: signs with the brand name on all pots with plants, and posters with the gin identity that reminds of the unique composition of the drink.

The author of the grafics: Maria Skvortsova
The terrace of the restaurant О2 Lounge is divided into two parts. One of them is occupied by The White Sails 22 Project, The Botanist brand zone.

The White Sails 22 Project space is divided into zones:

1. The Botanist Gin 22 bar
2. main seating
3. big tables
4. sofas along the glazing
5. sofas swing

Seating varies in the height of the table groups, which visually separates the seats from each other. Areas with sofas are fenced off with flower pots. At the same time, it is possible to change the layout modification.
Layout for all cases:
1. For large groups and even for table dancing (they are resistant enough!) it is possible to unite long tables in one row. If to use the tables separately, then the seating is possible for 6 persons.

2. A permanent seating, designed for 4 persons, allows to spend time in an inner circle.

3. Seating on sofas along the glazing is perfect for chilling out.

4. Pots with plants fence off the areas from each other, creating more intimate areas. It is possible to sit on them as well.

5. Sofas swing are designed for relaxation in the garden. It's also a perfect place for photo shooting.

6. In case of rain and light drizzle, three sails will protect guests from the bad weather, so that you won't have to cancel any party.
The heart of the space is The Botanist Gin 22 bar. Pots with a symmetrical green compositions highlight the bar rack, making it the center of the veranda.
The main accents of the space are the green and the game of light and shade on the sails.
Light interior elements create highlights on the sails, glamorously contrasting with the shadows.
Plants cast soft shadows on canvas stretched above.
We decided not to overload the interior with the branding, so we left the logo only on the tables, pots with plants and sofa cushions.
Feel the atmosphere of the cruising under sails on the O2 Lounge veranda. The Botanist will provide that relaxing cool gin vapor lifts you up on the waves of serenity over the bustle of urban life...
Relax on soft cushions or dance on the bar listening to your favorite DJ set. The interior of the O2 Lounge veranda is carefully thought out by the designers in order that you peacefully enjoy the magic atmosphere of warm summer nights with the sunset view, best in the city...
project authors Maria and Elena are demonstrating the way to sit on the pots☺
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